Las Vegas Jewelry Brokers LLC, and Gold Buyers of Las Vegas evolved from my current client base of 6,000 people that were clients of The Jewelry Judge of Las Vegas. Some of these clients were seeking appraisals on their diamond, platinum, and gold jewelry for insurance, to update values from aged appraisals, or newly purchased jewelry. As the Las Vegas economy waned some of these same clients came to me with a different set of questions. How and where could they sell some of their diamonds, gold and platinum jewelry without giving it away in a pawnshop environment, or mailing it off somewhere not knowing who they were dealing with and trusting them to weigh the gold, platinum and diamonds correctly. My mission objective was to help my former clients sell the equity in their jewelry at the highest possible prices, and have a “while you watch” transaction with a professional and licensed Second Hand Jewelry Buyer.

Gold and Diamond Buyers of Las Vegas is equiped to handle even the smallest transactions, however we specialize in the extraordinary and exceptional. There is no limit to the size of the transaction to be handled. The bigger the better.